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Category : VFX

Duration : 12 Months

Type : Full-Time

Course : (AAIP) - VFX

Course Status: In Progress

Creative Multimedia Academy International (AAIP) - VFX

Creative Multimedia Academy International Program is aimed at training students in the latest industry-relevant courses and advanced technical educational tools. Arena’s intensive course curriculum and experiential training is designed to give every student the competitive edge in the world of animation. The objective of this program is to produce full fledged animation professionals who are completely at ease with their skills and can confidently create a rewarding career for themselves.

Throughout the course, the students will contribute to developing their own full fledged portfolio comprising a presentable collection of their work related to each semester. The portfolio is a requirement for successful completion of the final Creative Multimedia Academy International Program (AAIP). At the end of the program, the student shall walk out as a well trained, professional animator.

Course Curriculum

Term 1 -Topics
Design and Visualization Fundamentals
Graphi¬cs & Illustration Fundamentals
Typography Techniques
Creating Artworks
Image Magic
Design for Print and Advertising
Media Publishing
Print Portfolio
Term 2 - Topics
Anatomy Study
Concepts of 2D Animation
Storyboarding for Animation
Working with Audio
Video Streaming and Editing
2D Digital Animation
Basic Scripting and Interactivity
2D Animation portfolio
Term 3 - Topics
3D Basics – Modeling to Animation
3D Modeling
Digital Sculpting
Lighting and Rendering
Dynamics and Realistic Features
Crowd Simulation
Pixar Renderman
3D Portfolio
Term 4 - Topics
Wire Removal
Colour Correction
Green/ Blue Screen
Matchmoving & Camera Tracking
Matte Painting
Rotoscope and Matchmoving in Mocha