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Visual Effects

What is Visual Effects?

Visual Effects, commonly referred to as VFX in the Media and Entertainment Industry involves blending live-action footage and computer generated imagery seamlessly to create environments demanded by the script. VFX has achieved immense popularity as the craft allow makers to create environments that are otherwise risky and costly or perhaps extremely difficult/impossible to create in the real world.

VFX as a career choice

VFX is gaining popularity across the globe as more and more films use this dynamic tool to tell a story with cost-effective impact. Apart from the Media and Entertainment Industry, VFX is finding applications in a host of other fields such as Education, Healthcare, Engineering, etc., leading to heightened demand for VFX talent. Some of the specializations in VFX include Matte Painting, Compositing, Rotoscopy, Tracking, etc. Rewarding job opportunities exist for VFX Artists in:

  • Film Production
  • TV Production
  • Television Commercials
  • Educational Films