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01. Twisted

What happens when your loving pet acquires a spinal defect to your discomfort and you are unaware of a human species called the Chiropractor? Twisted is a 'tail of laughs' that tickles your funny bone as the protagonist goes barking up the wrong tree, all through the animated short.

02. Cecelia - The Balcony Girl

Witness the power of love and attraction, narrated comically in every frame of "Cecelia – The Balcony Girl"; a quality-studded 3D Animation Short Film put together by a bunch of passionate Animation interns at DNA Inc™. (Dilsukhnagar Animation Incubation).

03. Feel the Punch

When technology is employed by the most unlikely of people on earth and in the most unlikely of situations, what do you get? A digital power punch that leaves you dumbstruck! Watch this high-definition 3D Animation short film as it actually leaves you smiling, despite the punch.

04. Hugo Vs Lino

A lopsided fight between two consenting unequals. An arena where the rules of fair play aren’t applicable. The sheer audacity of a frail android to challenge the herculean might of a formidable hulk. Pride, trickery, frustration and vengeance are all at play as the battleground turns murky.

05. Bee In The Bonnet

Bee in the Bonnet narrates the state of agitation a person would be in after finding a bee inside his bonnet. The film was crafted by students of DNA Inc.(Dilsukhnagar Animation Incubation).

06. Yugapurushudu

Good-natured people have a short life on Earth. As God’s chosen ones, Heaven beckons these magnanimous souls early. This is the theme of Yugapurushudu - a High-Definition 3D Animation short film which dwells on "after-life". The film was crafted by students of DNA Inc. (Dilsukhnagar Animation Incubation).

07. The Farmer and His Goat

Animal sacrifice is an cruel practice still existing in the hinterlands of India. “The farmer and his goat”, a film by students of Creative Multimedia Academy, is an attempt at discouraging this atrocity using empathy and retribution as the stimulants, the message being – “Sacrifice the cruelty, not the animal”.

08. Fuel Duel

Fuel Duel is an animated short film on fuel conservation made by students of Creative Multimedia Academy, the message being ‘Save fuel, Save the future’. The film goes back to the stone-age and accelerates to the future in a riveting 3-minute footage to communicate the core message.

09. Chamki

Even in the 21st century, the girl child in India continues to be looked down upon by a highly discriminating society. Holding a bold lens to this hapless plight is the animation short film ‘Chamki’ by students of Creative Multimedia Academy. The film ends with the message “Don’t crush her dreams. Let them take wing”.

10. A Garden Dream

A Garden Dream is an honest attempt at promoting ‘environment cleanliness’, the message being ‘Clean World, Happy World’. This animation short film by students of Creative Multimedia Academy tries to educate children on the need to keep their surroundings clean.

11. Trashhed

More often than not, trash is found strewn everywhere except where it belongs - inside the trash bin; thus, defeating the very purpose of the trash bin. TRASHHED! is a 2D animation short film that highlights this tragic state of our trash bins. “Don’t trash the bin. Use it.” is the message that students of Creative Multimedia Academy attempt to convey, through this award-winning film.

12. Short Films Arena

Punch “Play” and embark on a fascinating journey into the minds of budding Animators who are ready to take on the world.