India's largest Animation, VFX, Web & Graphics Academy.

Vision, Mission & Values

Line of Vision

  • To be the benchmark for Digital Media Education & Training in India
  • To groom class-leading Animation professionals capable of contributing to knowledge creation in their domains
  • To continuously raise the standards of excellence in the chosen field
  • To be the front-runner in serving the escalating skill needs of the Digital Media Education industry


Animation is a multi-disciplinary art-science. It calls for a wide bouquet of skills from traditional art skills to articulation skills, storytelling to aesthetic appreciation, creativity to technical prowess... A complete Animation professional is one who has assimilated all the nuances and can apply them adroitly at the highest professional level. Such an individual qualifies for excellence in every dimension of Animation or, in one word, Pixellence®.

This is precisely the breed of Animation professionals that we strive to nurture at Creative Multimedia Academy. Thus our mission statement: In Pursuit of Pixellence®.


Here is a Management that is as passionate about Animation as you are. Sparing no efforts in bringing you the best of Animation Education. Earnestly going the extra mile so you enjoy the extra edge in your highly competitive career.

Creative Multimedia Academy's enduring success has been built around an unflinching commitment to excellence in every dimension of Animation Education, and wholly uncompromising quality standards. These very values help Creative Multimedia Academy command its pride of place in Digital Media Education & Training in India.

Creative Multimedia Academy