India's largest Animation, VFX, Web & Graphics Academy.


Tracing Back...

Creative Multimedia Academy was established in 1998, when Animation Education was not yet considered mainstream. Only a handful of Animation schools existed in the country. The horizons were largely grey for Animation Training.

But Creative Multimedia Academy was bent on finding the silver-lining. It anticipated a spectacular future for Animation in its mythology-enchanted motherland. Adapting global trends, Creative Multimedia Academy hastened to master the nuances of Animation Training. It captured the coveted 'Best Centre' award in 1998 - its very first year of operations. Ever since, it has been a saga of creating winning careers.

In the decade gone by, Creative Multimedia Academy grew from strength to strength. From being the front-runner in Animation Education in Andhra Pradesh, the institute forged its way to the forefront of the field in the country. In 2007, Creative Multimedia Academy emerged as the No.1 Centre of Creative Multimedia Academy in India.

Notwithstanding the exalted status, Creative Multimedia Academy pushes forth with ceaseless passion and uncompromising standards. Propelled by a positive force of proactive team members. Singularly focused on nurturing professionals who excel in every dimension of Animation. Contributing in its own right to the creative capital of the nation. In short, leading the way in Animation Education through its mission: 'Pursuit of Pixellence®.'